4 Most Promising Tech Startups that You Might Need in Business

4 Most Promising Tech Startups that You Might Need in Business

In the past years, there have been countless unicorn startups, most of which are in the field of technology. People are always looking for the next innovation that would revolutionize a sector in general. We’ve seen some amazing technology startups in the past years and some of them remain prominent parts of the technological ecosystem to this day and there are also a few that are beginning to catch our attention. Here are a few standout services, and devices that could make it big soon.

1. What3words

Founded by Jack Waley-Cohen, Chris Sheldrick, Michael Dent and Mohan Ganesalingam, What3words is one of the best tech startups that are really interesting and very useful. Basically, what it does is to transmit one’s location. However, its unique way of reducing the user’s address into three memorable words is a great concept. Though it might be skeptical for some, the concept of the three-word address is more than accurate than what people think. It’s easier to use plus it’s easier to exactly pinpoint one’s location, which would be a great help for product delivery services, event planning, or even rescue operations, especially in countries that have difficult address systems.

2. Exabeam

Exabeam is a California-based cybersecurity tech startup founded by Domingo Mihovilovic, Sylvain Gil, and Nir Polak. What it does is to basically give protection to your data. But don’t just compare it yet to mere antiviruses. Sure, they both give you protection but this one is different as it makes use of a different solution to precisely detect malicious activities. Over time, it also learns the user’s behavior, be able to identify employees, and eventually gets a grasp of what users use as their resources and when they usually access them. Moreover, unlike any other security software or antivirus, it can keep track of devices as well that a person usually uses and could even flag events whenever he or she is not using those devices.

3. Wasabi

Wasabi, a Massachusetts-based tech startup founded by David Friend and Jeff Flowers, is a Cloud storage service provider. However, Wasabi is not your ordinary Cloud storage. It’s different as it has the capability to store your data faster. In fact, it boasts of a speed that is six times than what Amazon S3 can take. It stores data so fast that it is one of the most popular storage services in the tech world. Its storage speed is not the only thing that is fast too as you could also recover your data with the same speed. Wasabi’s security is also unmatched. Thus, you can rest assured that your important files are in good hands. The best part is, you can score such great storage service at a cheap price.

4. Nexla

Founded by Jeff Williams and Saket Saurabh, Nexla is also one of the most promising tech startups as well. Through this, you’ll be able to integrate and monitor your data easily and real time. Such service is ideal particularly for big companies as it makes working with a bigger volume of data sets less complicated. Its concept is so helpful, indeed, that it was awarded in last year’s Startup Showcase.

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