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About Us | Business / Technology

About Us

Becoming invested in businesses and technology could be the best step any person would make in his life. These two industries are dynamic and always progressive and as such, growth is always a guarantee. Of course, their dynamic nature makes it hard for people to keep track of the latest trends and updates but that’s a problem that North Bay Startup is looking to solve.

Starting up a business is already a hard feat; what more if you need to incorporate technology into it? Change is inevitable, especially in the business world so there will soon come a time when you will need to use technology to grow your business. When that time comes, are you prepared?
If not, we, Alex, Sam, and Clover, the founders of North Bay Startup are all the more willing to give you a big helping hand along with our team of experts in both entrepreneurship and technology.

Why Choose Us?

Here at North Bay Startup, we are filled with tech and business professionals. We all have a background in business and tech and we have been in the field for a few years now. In addition, we all underwent various pieces of training to bring you only the best solutions and the finest service for your company.

Our Services

Through this website, we aim to shed more light in the field of business and to also give you a better understanding of tech solutions that you could make use of to boost your company. With our contents, our goal is to educate and inform you about everything that you should know in the world of entrepreneurship, the advancements in technology, and how you can use both of them to transform your business.

Apart from that, we are open for consultations. With our skills and knowledge in the field, we also aim to provide expert solutions for your website. We don’t just create tips and pieces of advice; we also provide services that could guarantee to develop your eCommerce site too.

To reach the top of your game, you don’t just sit around and wait for a miracle to make your business boom. Of course, you still need to work for it. But if you don’t know much about running a business or anything tech that would make it grow, you might want to consider as us we can always guarantee you services, as well as pieces of advice, that are second to none.