Here’s Why There’s a Strong Need for Industrial Air Testing

Here’s Why There’s a Strong Need for Industrial Air Testing

Every year, around 3,000 die because of urban air pollution in Australia. According to a November 2018 report from the Australian Conservation Foundation, high levels of air pollution has caused an increase in people with respiratory diseases such as asthma and chronic bronchitis. With this alarming statistic, companies that produce significant amounts of pollutants — especially those that belong to the industrial sector — must take the initiative to tap air testing services on a periodic basis.

The need for industrial companies to step up

Air pollution can be traced back to both natural phenomena (e.g. natural wildfires) and man-made activities. This type of pollution happens when excessive levels of substances like harmful greenhouse gases make their way into the atmosphere. As attested by companies that provide air testing services in Australia, the majority of the facilities that cause air pollution in the country come from these industries: manufacturing, mining, and electricity, gas, water, and waste services.

While the services they provide have certainly helped to do everyday activities become way more efficient, the negative impact they cause to air quality is part of the price that mankind has to deal with. And the effects they bring are not only about the premature death of thousands of Australians, but they also lead to an estimated financial loss of $11 billion to $24 billion. One way industrial businesses can address this pressing concern is to ensure that their air quality does not exceed the standard levels — which they can do through hiring professional air testing services.

What’s included in air quality testing

There are different processes involved in testing the quality of air in a certain area — especially when the site involved is as huge as an industrial facility. For this reason, it will be more efficient and cost-effective to hire industrial air testing experts.

The scope of these professionals’ work includes:

  • Analyze the facility’s immediate environment
  • Inspect the locations as well as the possible sources of the pollution
  • Collect air and surface samples
  • Identify contaminants and measure the levels of air pollutants produced by the facility
  • Provide a detailed report and recommend steps on how to address air quality concern

The services offered by air quality consultants and testers are highly beneficial. But to ensure that your air testing endeavor is indeed accurate and reliable, you have to be careful when choosing the company that will conduct this activity. Several things should be considered including their reputation (are they consistent in providing quality services), prior experience (have they tested the air quality of a facility similar to yours), and capabilities (are their technicians trained and certified, and do they have the proper tools to test air quality).


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