How Solar Energy Solutions Can Protect You From the Next Great Blackout

How Solar Energy Solutions Can Protect You From the Next Great Blackout

In 2016, South Australia experienced a state-wide blackout affecting over 800,000 residents due to severe storm damage to the transmission lines. With no backup energy sources despite the availability of commercial solar energy solutions, the city of Adelaide was temporarily crippled by this disaster. Patients in Flinders Medical Centre had to be transferred to the intensive care unit of a private hospital and several embryos failed to survive. While this event was not as severe as energy crises experienced in other countries, it has certainly disrupted businesses and office operations.

Major power outages like these rarely happen in Australia today but smaller and more localized events still happen especially during calamities. Floods, storms, and bushfires are already battering the country every year which can pose a major threat to energy generation and transmission. The country’s main source of electricity still comes from coal power plants which are now becoming outdated and less sustainable. This is causing a shift to leveraging renewable energy, signified by an increase in installations of solar systems in NSW, Victoria, and Queensland. While residences have picked up on this emerging solution, commercial establishments are also investing in it.

Reduce electricity costs

It’s no secret that Australia has some of the most expensive electricity prices in the world. Energy is not cheap and it consumes a big chunk of operating expenses for businesses. Commercial solar energy solutions come in handy in this aspect as they can cut down your operations expenses by reducing your electricity bill. Photovoltaic or PV solar panels help generate sufficient electricity to power offices and commercial establishments. The initial cost for purchase and installation may demand a reasonable amount of money, but in the long-term, the benefits of lowering your electricity cost will outweigh your initial investment. The returns are for a lifetime with proper care and maintenance further reducing capital expenditures down the road.

Ensure energy independence

While the South Australian backout was a one-time phenomenon, it does not mean it can happen again. If a major power outage happens, how can you ensure that your business is protected from this? Especially for critical operations like hospitals, clinics, warehouses, and factories, electricity plays an important role. Favorable solutions to this are the solar panels and portable solar generators in Australia that can be installed or rolled outright to your business location. By having it as backup or your main source of energy, you will have energy independence. When the main energy grid fails, you won’t.

Increase environmental sustainability

The recent disasters we have been experiencing are mostly weather-driven and are caused by a wildly accelerating climate change effect. As the weather becomes more unpredictable, we experience either extreme heat that ignites bushfires or extreme rain that causes flooding. Environmental sustainability has never been so important nowadays and one way to contribute to the betterment of our world is by considering commercial solar energy solutions. By relying less on non-renewable energy sources like coal and gas, we can help curb this global crisis and advocate for more sustainable methods like harnessing renewable energy.

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