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The 3 Essential Types of Exhibition Stands | Business / Technology

The 3 Essential Types of Exhibition Stands

The 3 Essential Types of Exhibition Stands

An exhibition stand is an essential aspect of every business that should always be considered. Going in an expo or convention without it seems like a very obvious throwaway. There are three different types of exhibit stands, modular, portable, and, custom exhibition stands. All of them serve their purposes, and we’re here to discuss all of them.

Modular stands

This type is the most standard of the three types. Building one is also cheap considering its materials and display contents.

It’s also a must-have for companies and businesses that are always changing. A modular type of stand allows modification in any way. It means that you can reuse your exhibition stands depending on the event’s standard or requirement when it comes to exhibiting stands.

We recommend availing this type of stand if you want the best value out of your business funds.

Portable stands

Portable stands share similarities with custom expo booths, mainly because of how they can be customized to accustom portability. Portable stand, however, is more focused on the portability side.

Makers of this type of exhibition stand allocate the resources more on strategies and materials that would make portability a lot easier and possible.

Most of the builds are made out of steel or robust wood framework with banner in it. It’s an effective strategy that decreases the weight of the option and also a good one when it comes to making stands portable.

This is very popular among users and businesses that travel in different places to attend into expos and exhibits to promote their branding.

On that note, portable stands are durable, and sometimes is the key to global recognition.

Custom stands

Custom exhibition stands are the best option for businesses to take when they don’t want to go with the traditional choice of the exhibition stand.

With the customization power it offers, it requires more funds to operate and make it happen.

Custom exhibition stands are best for business managers that want to create a stand that would follow a specific theme. However, take note that making customized pieces of exhibit stands require time to ensure that everything is made accordingly to suit the business’ theme.

The only drawback that this type faces is that it’s not that usable again, meaning you’ll encounter several difficulties when you are attending another event.

Exhibit stands offer these three types of exhibit stands to perfectly cater to the needs of businesses, especially those that are very conscious in terms of funds and contract costs.