The best thing to do when buying a property in 2020

The best thing to do when buying a property in 2020

The housing market is bouncing back in Australia. And, if you’re looking to buy, then you might want to consult some property buyers’ agents. After two years of plummeting digits on house prices, the real estate sector is experiencing a surge again this 2020. Global Property Guide reports “Sydney saw the biggest growth, with the established house price index rising by 12% during the year Q1 in 2020.” Sydney is considered to have the most expensive housing rates in the country, “more than 25% above the national mean house price” the report added. And with rising real estate prices, those on the purchasing end may feel a bit uneasy. That is why you need property buyers’ agents in Sydney to represent you.

With more than 2 billion people forced into some form of “shelter in place” or quarantine, COVID-19 has indeed impacted the real estate industry globally. We are already feeling the effects in commercial properties and rental spaces. There’s less foot traffic and lower temporary immigrants like foreign students which help rake in the income for property owners. The flipside is that house properties are bumped up in the market, especially those in the suburbs (and property buyers’ agents know this!)  Real Estate Australia notes that “many suburbs are still showing strong growth” for the past 12 months. This comes as no surprise with more people working from home, children are learning remotely, and most transactions are now done within the four comfortable walls of their residences. However, the trend may still change on the real estate market since a lot of factors are still in play as the pandemic saga continues to unfold.

There is a lot of uncertainty right now so it is a wise decision to get the best buyer’s agent in Sydney by your side. Choose the one that has no conflict of interest or are not property managers. They are the ones who have your interests at heart especially when dealing with real estate brokers. Property buyers’ agents help you find your ideal home and buy it for you or they can represent you in buying a property you already have in mind. Another key advantage of soliciting their services, especially for foreigners, is taking advantage of their knowledge and experience in the local property market. It may cost you more in the short term, but in the long run, you will greatly appreciate your property purchase because you are backed by competent agents.


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