Travertine Sealer in Australia: The Professionals in Sealing Travertine Tile Floorings

Travertine Sealer in Australia: The Professionals in Sealing Travertine Tile Floorings

Travertine floor tiles add the warmth and texture of natural stones to any room of the house. These floor tiles are made from limestone and have become popular for their beautiful look and durability.  Sealing the tiles helps to protect the stones and a travertine sealer recommends periodically sealing. 

Travertine sealing

Travertine sealing is done during installation. Sealing thereafter is done periodically and the most experienced travertine sealer would recommend every 3 to 5 years. However, sealing is also dependent on the usage and on the floor traffic. Materials used in sealing also affect the sealing as harsh chemicals can wash away the sealer. Travertine sealer in Australia recommends resealing in order to preserve the stone’s beauty and sealing definitely preserves all that is natural to the travertine tiles and stones. It is the stone sealer that acts as a barrier between the stone and stains.

What sealer is best for travertine tiles?

According to Travertine sealer in Australia, there are several options that are available for homeowners to choose for their travertine sealing. These are Enhancing and Natural sealers.  Enhancing travertine tile sealer is for darkening the travertine stone and gives it a wet look while the Natural sealer offers protection but without changing the stone natural look. If you want your travertine floor to look darker and have that “wet “ look, enhancing sealer is for you but if you want to preserve your travertine floor its natural beauty, the natural sealer is the best option during installation and resealing. Most travertine sealers in Australia follow the same procedure whether using enhancing or natural sealers.

DIY sealing your travertine floors

Sealing is easy and uses simple tools like a sponge, brush, sprayer, paint pad, and some cotton towels or absorbent paper or towels. The drying time is at least 30 minutes after each application and 3 hours after the final applications. However, it is best to keep the floor dries for 24 hours.

Professional sealing

Only professional sealers in Australia can give the best results for sealing jobs on tiles and floorings. They use proven techniques that ensure sealing is successful and the sealed floor tiles would give that long-lasting durability. It would definitely save you time, effort, and money, and the possibility of resealing prematurely your travertine floor is avoided as well as preventing the horrors of damaged travertine tiles caused by improper sealing. And save your face when you need to call in a professional travertine sealer just because you acted as a DIY travertine sealing expert.


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