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Why Engage Your Users with Virtual Reality Campaigns | Business / Technology

Why Engage Your Users with Virtual Reality Campaigns

Why Engage Your Users with Virtual Reality Campaigns

With the popularity of virtual reality, marketers are now using this technology in advertising and promotional campaigns. Instead of consumers viewing a screen for engagement, they are now thrown into an environment or in an experience through virtual and augmented reality. AR agency in Sydney handling a campaign ad for a brand places users in an experience where 3D graphics are simulated in the real environment. The technology is now ruling over advertising campaigns and here are some of its advantages if you use it for your users’ engagements.

Direct engagement

Virtual reality’s main purpose is to stimulate emotions.  Connecting users to the brand through emotions is the sole goal of any campaigns and virtual reality allows users to be as close to being in the story. Virtual reality advertising helps brand users to get emotionally attached to the story they’ve discovered thus increasing engagement more than watching a video or reading the content. Studies showed that there is a significant increase in users’ engagement through virtual reality campaign which is about 50% from the 30% of engagement from videos engagement.  On the other hand, AR agency in Sydney has noted that augmented reality campaigns they have created for big Sydney brands drove higher response than the usual visual ads using videos and printed graphics. Another amazing impact of the virtual reality campaign is improved and enhanced creativity and engagement through content materials. Users are more eager and attentive reading content materials laced with augmented or virtual reality experience and environment. VR in Sydney is creating brands campaigns with the use of mobile apps where users virtual experience the products anywhere they are. A great example of this virtual ad is the Ikea’s apps where consumers can see if the furniture fit their homes.  The virtual reality campaigns allow a business to have their consumers see how great their product are on the spot thus eliciting high response and sales.

Ease in usage

Since technology involves the internet, it allows people to be connected and engaged where ever they are. It reaches millions of users and with just a few taps they can experience and discover being as close to the story being told. It helps business enjoy a realistic talk with its consumers anywhere in the world.

If you want to change your traditional campaigns it is high time to see a VR or AR agency in Sydney and it will help you create the most innovative way of band promotion which is called virtual reality.